Citizen's Complaint Procedure

The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office complaint process is designed to provide citizens the opportunity to bring concerns regarding operations of the Office or actions of its personnel to the attention of the District Attorney’s Office Administration. An administrative investigation of the allegations will be conducted to clarify issues for the complaint and, if appropriate, hold members of the Office accountable.

Citizen’s Complaint Process

The complaint process is designed to satisfy the concerns of the citizens and correct or rectify improper actions by employees of the District Attorney’s Office. The complaint process may also be used to address issues where actions by employees of the District Attorney’s Office may be misunderstood. Therefore, it is important that all allegations presented in a complaint to the District Attorney’s Office be based on factual information and thorough.

If appropriate, a complaint allegation may be resolved without documentation through a discussion between the employee’s supervisor and the complaining party. The supervisor will notify the District Attorney of the complaint.

If an investigation is warranted, the employee assigned to the citizen’s complaint investigation will make written notification to both the complainant and the employee under investigation that the complaint has been received and the investigating employee’s contact information.

The completed investigation will be reviewed by a committee of supervisory personnel, who will recommend a disposition to the District Attorney or his/her designee.

If the complaint is sustained, the committee will recommend to the District Attorney disciplinary action, which may be: Oral Counseling; Retraining; Written Reprimand; Suspension; Demotion; or Termination.


The following dispositions will be utilized for completed Citizen Complaint investigations:
Unfounded: Allegation did not occur.
Exonerated: Allegation did occur, but justified.
Not Sustained: No clear proof that the allegation did occur.
Sustained: Clear proof that the allegation did occur.
No Finding: Complainant failed to disclose promised information; or the investigation revealed that another agency was involved and the complainant was referred to that agency; or the complainant withdrew the complaint; or the complainant is no longer available for clarification.


The employee will be informed in writing by the District Attorney, or his/her designee, of the final disposition. Sustained complaints shall become part of the employee’s personnel record. Complaints other than sustained will be maintained in a separate employee personnel file, pursuant to the California Public Records Act and Evidence Code 1043.

The complainant will be informed in writing of the disposition by the District Attorney or his/her designee. Penal Code Section 832.7(d) mandates that the complaining party be notified within 30 days of the disposition of the complaint. This notification will be limited to the disposition only. Personnel actions are deemed confidential.

How to Make a Complaint

The first step is to call, write, come in person, or send us an email.

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