Criminal Prosecution

Deputy district attorneys represent the people of the state of California as prosecutors in all criminal cases in Shasta County.  They are assigned to work in the following specialized units:

Misdemeanor Team

A group of prosecutors is assigned to handle all misdemeanor cases filed in Shasta County.  These DDAs are responsible for reviewing and filing misdemeanor cases, appearing in court on the cases in the misdemeanor home courts and handling trials of misdemeanor cases.

Juvenile Delinquency Prosecution

A deputy district attorney is assigned to prosecute cases involving juveniles who are alleged to have committed crimes.  This prosecutor works closely with the probation department to work toward rehabilitation of the juvenile.

Felony Home Court Prosecution

A deputy district attorney is assigned to each of the felony home courts (Departments 1 and 2).  These prosecutors handle felony cases which are not vertically prosecuted from arraignment through the preliminary hearing stage.  Once a case is set for trial, it is assigned to a trial DDA for further prosecution.

General Felony Unit

These prosecutors handle general felony level offenses that are not captured by one of the vertical prosecution units.  These crimes are varied and include everything from burglary, robbery, vehicle theft, and a wide variety of other crimes.

Narcotics Prosecution

A prosecutor is assigned to vertically prosecute felony narcotics cases investigated by the Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force (SINTF).  The assigned prosecutor works closely with task force agents in the investigation of large scale drug sales operations.

 Driving Under the Influence Prosecution

Experienced prosecutors are assigned the most serious cases involving driving under the influence (DUI).  These cases include collisions in which a DUI driver causes serious injury or death to others.  In the most egregious cases involving the death of a victim, DUI defendants are prosecuted for murder.

Serious Offender Unit

Among the most experienced prosecutors in the office, the members of the Serious Offender Unit are assigned to prosecute homicides, serious violent crimes, and other serious and complicated felony offenses. 

Family Violence Unit

A team of prosecutors is assigned to prosecute cases involving the most vulnerable victims.  These prosecutors are specially trained and handle cases involving child sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, stalking, and adult sexual assault.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Fraud Unit investigates real estate fraud occurring in Shasta County. The types of cases  considered for investigation are frauds that result from various fraudulent real estate transactions and/or schemes including: submission of forged loan applications, fraudulent transfers of title of real property, recordation of fraudulent real estate documents, home equity sale contract fraud, mortgage fraud, as well as several other real estate matters.

When the unit receives a complaint, it will review all the information and the supporting documentation that is included. If the complaint does not meet the criteria for the unit to handle, the unit will refer you to an agency that may be able to assist. Many real estate disputes are not appropriate for government action or intervention.  By law, our unit is not allowed to help with private civil/contractual disputes, but when appropriate, the unit will assist in providing referrals to other government or nonprofit agencies.

Consumer Protection Unit - Criminal

The Consumer Unit investigates and prosecutes individuals and/or business who engage in unfair, fraudulent, and dishonest business practices which harm consumers and honest businesses. The Consumer Unit will also prosecute matters referred to it from outside agencies. The unit handles both criminal filings and civil action prosecution.  Examples of criminal consumer fraud include: false advertising, unlicensed professionals, fraudulent contractors and other professional services, schemes targeting seniors, and a variety of other unlawful conduct that harm consumers.

Consumer fraud is a preventable crime. By being well informed about current scams in the marketplace and by following basic tips on best practices, you can protect yourself and help protect all consumers in Shasta County. 

If you feel you have been the victim of, or have information related to misrepresentations or deceptive practices, please download and submit a consumer complaint form.

Workers' Compensation Fraud and Automobile Insurance Fraud

A prosecutor and investigators are assigned to investigate and prosecute cases involving individuals who illegally obtained worker's compensation benefits, employers who illegally paid insufficient worker's compensation premiums, and those who obtained automobile insurance settlement monies through fraudulent means.

Welfare Fraud

An agreement between the Shasta County District Attorney and the Shasta County Department of Social Services, provides for a prosecutor to engage in an aggressive program of prosecution of welfare fraud in Shasta County. As public assistance programs involve complicated regulations and specialized issues, the assigned prosecutor handles and manages the prosecution of all welfare prosecution cases vertically. Several District Attorney Investigators are also part of the county wide efforts to prevent and reduce welfare fraud and to prosecute those who commit welfare fraud.