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Prompt intervention and support with crime victims after a crime occurs reduces crime victims' confusion, frustration and emotional trauma that the criminal justice system may impose.  The Crime Victim Assistance Center provides services to reduce the effects  of crime on victims, family members, and the community.  Services may include:

Crisis Intervention:  immediate crisis counseling provided when the crime victims normal coping skills are overwhelmed as the result of their victimization.

Resource and Referrals to counseling: referrals to other community agencies to obtain services not available from the center.

Emergency assistance:  to obtain temporary shelter, clothing, food and transportation.  Medical care may be available to victims and witnesses of crime depending on the circumstances of the crime and other factors.

Victim Compensation Application Assistance:  Crime Victims Assistance Center staff are trained to assist victims to file a claim with the state Victims of Crime Program administered by the California Victim Compensation Board for out of pocket expenses directly related to the crime. 

Available resources may include:
•  Medical and dental treatment   •  Home or vehicle modification
•  Mental health services     •  Home security improvements
•  Income loss   •  Relocation assistance
•  Funeral and burial expenses    •  Crime scene cleanup
•  Loss of supports for dependents related to homicide       

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Justice System Assistance and Support

As a victim or a witness, staff from the Crime Victims Assistance Center will assist you in the following areas:

  • Understanding the criminal justice system
  • Support through court appearances
  • Support during law enforcement interviews and meetings with prosecutors
  • Help in obtaining property held as evidence
  • Information, upon request, regarding the progress of the case and its disposition
  • Help enforce your Marsy's Law Rights

The District Attorney Crime Victims Assistance Center offers comprehensive services to victims and witnesses of all types of crimes, whether or not a suspect is apprehended and prosecuted. The program seeks to reduce the trauma and insensitivity that victims and witnesses may experience following the crime.

If you were the victim of a crime, you were probably provided information about the program from the Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff who talked with you about the case. If not, you can contact the Crime Victim Assistance Center at (530) 225-5220.