Environmental Crimes Unit

A District Attorney Investigator and Investigative Technician are assigned to the Environmental Crimes Unit. The sole purpose of this unit is the investigation of people who illegally dump on public or private land in Shasta County.

To report illegal dumping call 1-866-61-TRASH or email the Illegal Dumping Reporting form and any photos to the Environmental Crimes Unit. In-progress illegal dumping should be immediately reported to the non-emergency number of the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction.

Illegal dumping occurring on public land will be the responsibility of the County or City to clean and remove.  However, the cleanup and removal of illegally dumped material on private property is the responsibility of the private landowner. Should a suspect be convicted for illegally dumping on either public or privately owned property, the District Attorney's Office will attempt to seek restitution for the costs of cleanup through the criminal prosecution process.

Additionally, in partnership with our Consumer Protection Unit, the team also takes efforts to protect the public from companies that violate environmental laws – violations that threaten the natural environment or endanger public health. The team investigates and prosecutes matters involving unlawful treatment, transportation, storage and disposal of hazardous materials and wastes. In addition to criminal charges filed against an entity or individual, civil complaints may be initiated to prevent on-going violations and to seek monetary penalties for violations when appropriate.

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