Consumer Protection

One of the areas of investigations is the investigation of complaints from Shasta County citizens who allege that a business may be in violation of consumer protection laws.

The investigator and the prosecutor work as a team to seek civil or criminal penalties if a violation is found. The types of allegations which may be investigated and sometimes prosecuted are false, misleading or unfair sales practices, false advertising, building contractor violations, weights and measures violations, price scanner errors, bid rigging, auto repair violations, and safety law violations.

Complaints received by the District Attorney may, based on the individual situation, be best investigated by another entity and the individual may be provided a referral to that agency for help. For example a referral may be made to the Contractor Licensing Board in an instance where someone alleges a violation by a licensed building contractor.

How to Report a Consumer Protection Violation

The two methods to report a Consumer Protection Complaint are:

Call the Consumer Protection Unit at 245-6300 and either talk directly with the investigator or leave a message and your call will be return as soon as possible. You will be contacted, provided information, and be requested to provide the office, details of your Consumer Protection issue. You may also wish to contact us by email at


A copy of the Consumer Protection Complaint can be downloaded and printed in Adobe Acrobat Format. You may complete the Consumer Complaint Form and mail it to the Consumer Protection Division at the address listed on the form.