Bad Check Enforcement

The investigator investigates individuals who fail to participant in the opportunity to pay back the monies lost by individual who they victimized with bad checks, or who fail to live up to their to the requirements of the Bad Check Enforcement Program. The investigator submits requests for criminal complaints for the charge of Section 476(a) of the Penal Code. Details of the Bad Check Enforcement Program are located on the page of this Web Site titled Bad Check Enforcement Program.

How do I report Someone Who Has Given Me A Bad Check?

Contact the Program by calling 245-6335 or email:  You may also download the Shasta County District Attorney's Office NSF Check Report and submit this report with the original check/s by mail to the Bad Check Unit. Mail this form and check/s to Shasta County District Attorney Bad Check Unit 1355 West Street, Redding, CA. 96001-1632. Click this link to download the NSF Check Report in Adobe Acrobat format: NSF Check Report.

Note: The Bad Check Enforcement Program only deals with checks that are "Non-Sufficient Funds" (NSF) or "Closed Account" checks. If the check is a forged check, a fictitious check, or a fictitious document report these to your local law enforcement agency.