Automobile Insurance Fraud

Investigators of the bureau are assigned to investigate illegally obtained insurance benefits from either Automobile Insurance or from Workers' Compensation. The crimes targeted by these investigations are primarily 550 Penal Code - False or fraudulent claims or statements, 1871 California Insurance Code - The Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, 118 Penal Code Perjury, and 487 Penal Code - Grand Theft. Individuals investigated for one or more of these crimes are frequently involved in other criminal activity. Insurance fraud costs all consumers significant monies each year and individuals committing these crimes are actively investigated.

According to language in the California Insurance Code (Section 1871), automobile insurance fraud accounts for 15-20% of all insurance payments and automobile insurance fraud is the biggest and fastest growing segment of insurance fraud. Also noted in the California Insurance Code (Section 1871) is that workers' compensation fraud harms employers by increasing the cost of worker's compensation and self insurance coverage.

The investigators assigned to these investigations work closely with the assigned prosecutor to maximize the conviction of those committing these crimes. In addition to the recovery of illegally obtained monies, punishment through incarceration is also aggressively sought. Shasta County investigators work closely with the State Department of Insurance investigators and other law enforcement agencies in pursuing individuals committing these types of crimes.

The investigative activities are funded through grants from the State of California Department of Insurance (DOI). Information received by Shasta County investigators may be provided to DOI as investigations and actions are also taken by DOI and insurance companies.

To Report Automobile or Workers' Compensation Fraud:

Call (530) 245-6300