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1450 Court St., Suite 308B
Redding, CA 96001-1673

Phone: (530) 225-5550
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Mary Williams
Chief Deputy Clerk of the Board

Committees and Commissions

Are you interested in getting involved in local government and giving back to your community?

County government includes a number of committees, commissions, and boards which range from specific, targeted focuses to long-term broad-based jurisdictional responsibilities.  Committees represent a wide variety of interests, including health care, criminal justice, planning, housing, Community Advisory Boards for County Service Areas, and more. 

Elected officials, including County Supervisors, sit on some of these committees, while others are comprised of community members who have an interest in local government. Residents of Shasta County are invited to participate within the community through membership on these boards.

This page contains information to assist you in participating.  Thank you for your interest in serving your community!


Current Vacancies

Click on a position's "Notice of Vacancy" for more information.  If a specific application is required for a position, it will be linked in the "Application" column.

Board Name

Number of Vacancies

Notice of Vacancy

Closing Date


Board of Building Appeals 2 Notice of Vacancy Until filled



Local Appointments List

The Local Appointments List shows all upcoming vacancies for the next year, as required by Government Code Title 5 section 54972, also known as "The Maddy Local Appointive List Act of 1975."

Any interested member of the community is invited to use the Local Appointments List to find current or upcoming vacancies in their field of interest for which they can apply.  Specific requirements are listed for each committee or commission.

Boards and committees whose members are elected follow different procedures.  More information about these elected positions may be found on the Elected Officials page of the Shasta County Elections website.


California State Code

County commissions, committees, and boards can be comprised of members who are either elected, appointed, or a mixture of both.  All of these bodies follow procedures as laid out in federal or state law, county ordinance, and their own bylaws.

If you would like more information about committees or commissions, or the requirements or duties of serving on a board, please email the Clerk of the Board.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have.



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Apply for a Committee Seat

Interested in applying for a current or upcoming vacancy?

Fill out the generic committee application and send it to the Clerk of the Board.  If possible, include a resume showing your applicable experience.