A child support order exists and an account is open, so where is my money?

We will mail you a payment within two days from the day we receive the payment. To collect a child support obligation, we need to know where the noncustodial parent is working. We will then serve a Wage Assignment so that the obligation is automatically deducted from his/her wages. If you know where the noncustodial parent is working, please inform us via mail, email, phone, or office visit and we will serve a Wage Assignment.

How do I get my child support modified?

We will review your court order for modification only if:

  1. It is at least 24 months old AND;
  2. The order has not been reviewed by this office within the last 12 months AND;
  3. The child support will change 20 percent or fifty dollars which ever is more AND;
  4. The basis for any decrease is anticipated to last more than 6 months.

If you believe your case meets these requirements and would like to start the review process, please telephone, fax, or drop-by our office to submit your request to start the modification review process. WARNING! This review may result in either an increase or decrease in your support amount depending on the circumstances of both parents. ONCE YOU HAVE RETURNED THE APPLICATION FOR REVIEW, THE PROCESS WILL NOT BE TERMINATED REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOUR ORDER WILL BE INCREASED OR DECREASED. In other words, as the payer, you may expect your obligation to decrease but when the guidelines are calculated and it is actually increased, we will proceed with the increase. You may also seek a modification on your own behalf pursuant to California Family Code Section 3651.

Your county has started collecting from my job by wage assignment, and now FTB has served an earnings withholding order at 50% - can I get this reduced?

Yes, if appropriate. We will confirm that your employer is deducting the child support from your paycheck according to the court order on your case(s) and then the FTB 50% deduction can be reviewed for possible reduction or withdrawal.

Note: If you have multiple cases in this county or cases in more than one county, the transaction may be more complex. Please advise how many biological children you are currently paying for, their ages, where you pay, and monthly amounts when you contact our office.

I am paying for the same child(ren) in another county. I am already paying your office by wage assignment and the other county has served an FTB collection at 50%. I cannot afford this. What should I do?

We will review your account and tell you the exact period of time we charged in our County. Please tell us your account number(s) in the other count(ies), whether you are paying CURRENT SUPPORT and, if possible, the months charged by the other count(ies). Once you have the breakdown of charges in each county, you can advise the other county that you are paying here to see if they will request a reduction in the FTB collection. Please be advised that only the county who submitted you to Franchise Tax Board Collection is eligible to withdraw your case.

I just received a "Demand for Payment" letter from the Franchise Tax Board asking me to pay off my entire balance within 10 days; will they take my car and/or house, etc, if I cannot pay my balance off?

You should contact our office immediately to work out a monthly payment plan and we will contact the Franchise Tax Board to hold off on any additional enforcement actions.

My bank account is frozen; how do I get it reinstated?

Please inform this office where you are currently working so that we can serve your employer with a Wage Assignment. When you begin to pay each month, we will review your account for release. If you can bring in or fax bank statements and W2's with current income information, we will review your case to reduce or release the hold, if appropriate.

I just got a notice that my driving or professional license will be revoked. How do I stop the process?

Prior to contacting us, please verify that the Shasta County Department of Child Support Services placed the hold on your license. This information is noted on the letter from the licensing agency. We cannot release another county's hold on your license. Once you've verified that it is Shasta County holding your license please complete and submit to us the SLMS Request for Review form and provide us with the license type and number, your current address, phone number and employer or source of income. We will review your case and if it meets with our release criteria (i.e. you are paying regularly by Wage Assignment), we will fax a license release form to the licensing agency or the DMV. You will also receive a copy in the mail. You can obtain a Request for Review form from the licensing agency. Once the release form is faxed to the DMV, it may take them one to two weeks before it is cleared. You may take your copy to the local field office and they will be able to help you.

I just discontinued from CalWORKs, how do I get child support?

Contact our office and we will change the account so that you receive the current support.

I know a payment was recently mailed out to me, but I haven't received it yet. What is the procedure for tracking the checks?

If you have not received the check ten days after it was issued, contact our office and we will send you the appropriate forms to complete and we will immediately put a "Stop Payment" on the check. A new check will be issued when we receive the completed forms from you.

I am the custodial party. How do I close my case?

You must notify us in writing. We will then close your portion of the case. If the child(ren) ever received CalWORKs benefits, we will continue to collect the child support owed only for that time period. If the child(ren) never received CalWORKs benefits, we will close the case and send you and the noncustodial parent a closing letter.