How is a payment distributed?

All payments except federal tax intercepts are first applied to any current month obligation, non-welfare interest, arrears and then assigned interest and arrears.

How long before you stop and reissue a check?

If you have not received the check within ten days after it was issued, visit the accounting office to complete the appropriate forms and have them notarized. If you are unable to visit in person, these forms can be mailed or faxed to you to complete and return the notarized documents with original signatures.

All paperwork is forwarded to the County Auditor’s office to place a ‘stop payment’ on the check and reissue the funds. This process is usually completed within five business days.

I have not received welfare for several years. You recently intercepted the absent parent's IRS tax refund. Why didn't I receive any of that money?

The Internal Revenue Service tax intercept collections cannot be applied to current support, fees, costs, or future support. Distribution regulations require that assigned arrears be credited before unassigned arrears. If welfare arrears are owed, IRS intercepts must first be applied to welfare (assigned) arrears. Once the assigned arrears balance is paid in full, additional IRS intercepts can be applied to non-welfare (unassigned) arrears.

I disagree with the audit that was done on my case. What can I do?

Review the audit carefully. If you find a discrepancy, provide the child support office with specific details of what information you feel is incorrect and request that your audit be reviewed. You may need to provide copies of cancelled checks, receipts, or new court order information.

How are interest charges determined? What can I do to avoid interest charges?

California child support orders accrue interest on the unpaid principal balance at a rate of seven percent per year prior to 1983 and at a rate of ten percent per year since 1983. If you pay your current child support payments in full each month and do not have an arrears balance, interest will not be charged.

My credit report shows inaccurate information. How do I get this corrected?

Request a consumer dispute form from the credit agency that lists the disputed information. The completed form will be sent to the local child support agency for review and response.

Where does my payment go when my child already receives welfare benefits?

If your child is receiving public assistance, your payments will reimburse the state for benefits paid on behalf of your minor child.

A child support case was recently opened, but the custodial party reports a different arrears balance than the noncustodial parent. Whose balance is used?

Both parties' information will be reviewed. In non-welfare cases, if only one party provides balance information that is not disputed by the other party, then the balance as stated on the schedule of contributions of the party who opened the case is used. If the balance is disputed, proof of child support payments should be provided to the local child support office.