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Legislation that Affects Wage Withholding:

"Effective January 1, 2004, Family Code 5241 imposes additional penalties on employers who fail to comply with court ordered child support wage assignments. This code authorizes local child support agencies and/or support obligees to obtain a court order requiring employers to make child support payments through electronic funds transfer, if the employer has willfully failed to comply with a wage assignment order or has failed to comply with a particular wage assignment order on three separate occasions within a 12 month period. Employers who are found in contempt by the court may also face a civil penalty of up to 50% of the support amount not forwarded to the child support obligee, including any interest incurred as a result of the employer's failure to forward child support payments."

New Employee Registry

As an employer, you must report all newly hired employees to the Employment Development Department within 20 days of their start-of-work date.

Income Withholding and Medical Support

The Department of Child Support Services is mandated by State and Federal regulations to obtain an order for income withholding and medical support. Additionally, the Department of Child Support Services must proceed with various enforcement actions when a court order is obtained.

Services of the Department of Child Support Services

The Department of Child Support Services provides services to either parent or the caretaker/guardian of a child who needs help to establish parentage and orders for support or medical insurance, modify a support obligation, or collect child and/or medical support. All children have a legal right to be supported by both their parents in a manner consistent with each of the parents’ capabilities under California Family Code Section 3900. Department of Child Support Services recognizes that the lack of adequate child support orders, medical support orders, and regular monthly payments are problems of major significance that harm our children.

Children don’t know the first thing about the legalities of collecting child support, but they are often the first to suffer when there is not enough money to buy food or shoes or pay the rent.

We want each child referred to the Department of Child Support Services to receive the support to which he or she is entitled.

Department of Child Support Services is committed to providing excellent customer service to all parents with cases in our office. We are also committed to promptly provide employers with information regarding their responsibilities and answers to their questions. This booklet should serve as a preliminary resource and guide.

Contacts for Employers

For Answers about Income Withholding, Dependent Insurance, and Reporting New Employees.

Employer Resource Center

Contact Shasta County Department of Child Support Services

(866) 901-3212
(530) 245-6379 (Fax)