Super Graduations

Celebrating Shasta County's 2020 Graduates

Millville School

Millville School held a drive-thru graduation which was livestreamed so it could be enjoyed from afar.  Families decorated their vehicles with posters, balloons, and more!  Cars lined up along the road leading to the school, which was lined with photo posters of every student.  Cars were allowed to enter the school grounds at a pace that gave each student his/her due.  Staff greeted the graduates with necklaces, bubbles, cowbells, Alpine horns, and confetti.  Each graduate could exit their car to receive their diploma.

Anderson Middle School

Anderson Middle School began their celebration of graduates by posting student highlights on social media.  Next, they presented yard signs made of their students of the year and surprised winning families with personal congratulations.  At the promotion ceremony, families could get their car decorated and were given waters and popsicles for the drive.  The drive included a balloon arch, bubbles, music, trivia station, yearbook pickup, staff celebrating students, and a gratitude station.  Students then walked to the stage to have their name read and receive their diploma.

Turtle Bay School

Family members drove graduates down to the school in decorated vehicles, greeted by balloons and teachers and staff ready to celebrate them.  When each car pulled up to the platform to receive their diploma, each student was recognized for their accomplishments and awards with a personalized message before being cheered on by family and friends.  After the ceremony, a montage video was put together by the teachers and staff that was posted to YouTube so that students would have the memories for years to come.

Shasta High School

While Shasta High School’s typical farewell senior rally could not be held, staff improvised and turned the event into a drive-thru celebration.  Staff lined Wolf Way and cheered on the graduates as they drove by to pick up their caps and gowns.  Students filmed a virtual graduation video and slideshow, and families came in decorated cars to drive a parade route on campus for a final farewell.  This ceremony involved bag pipers, live singing, student speakers, and graduates were able to take the stage to celebrate their accomplishments.  To protect everyone’s health, SHS implemented the use of a cup for students to retrieve their diploma.  The cup is the American Legion Citizenship Award, exemplifying courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service.

Chrysalis Charter School

Chrysalis Charter School held a drive-in promotion ceremony followed by a car parade.  Students drove in to find a goody bag on their assigned chair with diploma, notes from staff and friends, yearbook, treats, and toilet paper! Following Chrysalis tradition, each graduate was honored with a personalized, heart-felt speech from a favorite teacher. Staff kept safe with glittery hula hoops for distancing and sequined masks. The event concluded with a parade of Chrysalis families in cars specially decked out for the occasion, providing a loud, honking, cheering, raucous exclamation point to end the 2019-20 school year! 

Parsons Junior High School

While Parsons typically holds their event at the Redding Civic Center, they knew COVID would require a change of plans.  Staff, family members, and community members joined together to make a wonderful graduation ceremony.  Families arrived at the Civic Center and were directed to assigned parking spaces.  They tuned in to a dedicated FM radio station to hear the ceremony, which was also live-streamed on Facebook.  After a pre-recorded portion, the students were able to leave their cars in rows and receive their diplomas and take photos.  Despite the obstacles, the event felt in many ways more intimate than a typical graduation ceremony and no doubt some features of the event will be used in the future.

Juniper School

Juniper School held a prerecorded graduation including speeches and awards.  They also celebrated in style with a special “graduation class” for students to see when they came to the drive-through portion of the celebration.  This included a photo op of Juniper’s graduating class on a stick for students to take a “live” picture with their class.  Graduates received diplomas, awards, a flower for their family, and a cupcake.

Mountain View Middle School

Mountain View Middle School held a drive-through graduation ceremony where students were cheered on by staff and board members.  Graduates received graduation lawn signs and gift cards.  As each student pulled up, their name was called, staff cheered, they received their diploma and gifts, and took a photo.  Everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed celebrating the graduates.

Mountain Lakes High School and Gateway Educational Options

The graduation ceremony for Mountain Lakes High School and Gateway Educational Options was a more personal event, with families making appointments with the Principal and office staff to meet up at the Shasta Dam for individual ceremonies.  Students were presented with their diploma in front of the beautiful backdrop of Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta.  These moments were recorded and a video was released on “Graduation Day.”

Fall River High School

Fall River High School celebrated all week, delivering signs and caps and gowns to each graduating senior’s home and enlisting their town to celebrate by decorating their windows and hanging signs.  Students and families pulled up to the graduation ceremony and one at a time, each graduate was able to receive their diploma and personal recognition.  Native American graduates were presented with their robe, sash, and eagle feather by family.  Spanish interpreters translated the event for Hispanic graduates and their families.  Graduates also received their 2nd grade time capsule, a memento that their 2nd grade teacher kept all of these years.  Hours later, after all graduates went through, the cars were led in a caravan by CHP and firefighters on a community parade throughout town.

Redding Christian High School

RCHS got creative and enlisted a drive-in movie screen for their graduation ceremony.  Graduates and their households could drive up and tune in to listen on an FM radio station from their vehicle.  The event was very organized, with parking assigned so that everyone could see the screen, which displayed photos and a special slideshow.  Then each student got to come on stage one at a time for their diploma and awards, and could make a quick shout-out to their family and friends.

Anderson New Technology High School

At Anderson New Technology High School’s graduation event, seniors arrived in the morning to decorate the parking spot next to where they would be parking that evening.  At the ceremony, students exited their cars one at a time to walk up the red carpet to receive their diploma as their bio was read.  The event was also live streamed for those unable to attend.  Students were gifted with a basket from Sober Grad, a yard sign, and a cupcake from Sweet Spot.

Redding Collegiate Academy

Redding Collegiate Academy held an outdoor, drive-up graduation ceremony.  Students were able to receive their diplomas in a manner that allowed for social distancing while family watched from their cars.

University Preparatory Academy Sober Grad

While UPrep was unable to have a traditional Sober Grad evening this year, volunteers and staff worked together to conduct a series of events to celebrate and reward seniors.  Seniors were featured on “UPrep Senior Spotlights” on social media.  Stadium Light Up and Drive Thru events allowed students to parade through their campus to the applause of staff and parents.  And seniors received a variety of gifts, commemorative shirts, and personalized cards.

UPrep Graduation

High school graduates were scheduled with their families for staggered arrivals to the ceremony, where they were able to receive their diploma.  Other elements, like speeches, were pre-recorded.  All components were then edited to create a cohesive semblance of a traditional graduation ceremony.  Using a parking pass system and parking attendant, families were staggered and everyone was able to maintain social distancing.  On their way out, staff members congratulated them and guided them to the Sober Grad table for their final gift.

Anderson Union High School

AUHS held a Sober Grad Event in collaboration with Anderson Dutch Bros.  With collaboration from the City of Anderson, they held a drive-through graduation at Anderson River Park.  Students were able to take their diploma photos in front of the Sacramento River.  Graduates decorated their vehicle and drove through a road lined with faculty cheering them on and under an American flag flown from an Anderson Fire Department truck.  As students’ names were announced, staff were lined up on the street to celebrate each senior by name.  At the end of the route, students received gift bags and raffle prizes.  This event was special for senior and families but was also a true symbol of community support.


Why Super Graduation Awards?

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors recognizes the strength and perseverance demonstrated by Shasta County students, educators, school administrators, and parents to overcome distinct challenges during this time.  The Board wants to help celebrate the hard work and innovation that our community has displayed to honor Shasta County's 2020 graduates.

How do I submit an entry for my school?

Help us recognize your school's efforts by sending an email describing the creative ways that your school is celebrating graduation.  Anyone is welcome to participate and multiple entries for the same school may be consolidated for the website.  Send your email of 1,000 words or less to  Please note that we are unable to accept photos of minors due to legal limitations.

How will my school be recognized?

With the permission of the schools, submissions will be featured on this website.  Participating schools will receive a certificate of recognition from the Board and will be recognized at a meeting of the Board of Supervisors.  Additionally, the Board Chair will present one Middle School and one High School with a “Super Graduation” plaque.

How can I get more information?

Contact the Clerk of the Board's office at (530) 225-5550 or email