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E-filing Property Statement

Welcome To E-filing!

Online Business Property Statement filing is now being recommended by the Shasta County Assessor.  If you received a request to e-file the Business Property Statement, please proceed.

The link at the bottom of this section will direct you to the e-filing website.  Before clicking on the link, please be sure that you have the letter from the Shasta County Assessor requesting you to e-file your Business Property Statement.  At the top right of this letter, you will have an Assessment Number, Business Identification Number (BIN), and Form ID.  These are the required items to be able to enter the e-filing process.

Please note that at this time, only the Business Property Statement is able to be e-filed.  If you have been sent a different type of Property Statement (i.e., Agricultural Property Statement, Miscellaneous Property Statement, etc), e-filing is not available.  Also, if your Business Property Statement includes an insert for banks, leasing, vending machines, etc., your statement is not eligible for e-filing. 

In order to help you understand the assessment process, we have established a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Click on the following link to access the FAQ.


Once you are ready to e-file, please click on the following link to proceed.  Instructions on how to proceed as well as instructions for the Business Property Statement will be included once you log in.


Multi-Jurisdictional Filers

Shasta County also participates in an almost statewide program for multi-jurisdictional businesses called Standard Data Record (SDR). The SDR system allows filing of Business Property Statements for a multitude of locations in different counties in a single standardized XML data format. Click on the link below for more information, including participating counties, terms and conditions for using SDR.

For SDR information, click here.

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