Williamson Act Estimator

Williamson Act Estimator-2021


The Purpose Of This Estimator

The purpose of this estimator is to illustrate the affect of the newly passed provisions of Assembly Bill 1265. AB 1265 would reduce the property tax benefit to Williamson Act contracted owners by 10%. This is not a basis for a tax bill and should not be used to estimate future tax bills. The tax bills on all properties in California are generated based on values as of January 1. Williamson Act values can move up or down each year as long as the value is below the Proposition 13 value which was established at the time the property was acquired.

Williamson Act Valuation Notes

Williamson Act values are calculated using land rents and other market data for different types of agricultural uses. From this information an income is attributed to the land and this income along with other factors are used to determine the Williamson Act values.

A value for a home site, if present, and any buildings or other types of structures are determined at the time of a sale or transfer and valued under the rules of Proposition 13.

The assessed value is determined by comparing the Williamson Act value, the Proposition 13 value and Market Value. The lower of the three values becomes the current assessed value.