Annual Report

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Message from Assessor Page 1
Responsibilities of the Assessor-Recorder Page 2
Organization Chart Page 3

Assessor Information

Local Assessment Roll Change Exhibit I
2021 Taxable Values by City Exhibit II
  • City of Shasta Lake
  • City of Anderson
  • City of Redding
  • Unincorporated
2021 Taxable Values by School District Exhibit III 
  • Gateway School District
  • Anderson Union High School
  • Dunsmuir Union High School
  • Fall River Unified High School
  • Shasta Union High School
  • Red Bluff High School District
Exemptions & Number of Assessments Exhibit IV 
History of Assessment & Staffing Exhibit V 
History of Locally Assessed Property Exhibit VI 
Roll By Type of Property Table I 
Value Growth Under Prop 13 Table II
Distribution of Parcels Table III
Distribution of Taxable Values Table IV
Net County Cost Per Assessment Table V 
Assessment Appeals Table VI
Real Property Value Growth Table VII 
General Revenue by Source / Property Tax Distribution Table VIII 
BOE Roll versus Local Roll Changes Table IX 
BOE Assessment Versus Local Assessment Table X

Recorder Information

Recorded Documents by Type Table XI
Documentary Transfer Tax by Entity Table XII
Total Recorded Documents Annually Table XIII
Recorded Deeds Annually Table XIV
Documentary Transfer Tax Annually Table XV
Vital Statistics Annually Table XVI and XVII
Number of Documents Filled Annually Table XVIII



Sec. 51 Comparison of Factored Base to Current Assessment

Sec. 51 - The law and how it affects your values

Shasta County Factored Base vs. Current Assessment

  • City of Shasta Lake
  • City of Anderson
  • City of Redding
  • Unincorporated

Section 170 - 2021 Disaster Relief Review