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Leslie Morgan - Assessor-RecorderThe Assessor produces an assessment roll that reflects the taxable values of land, improvements, and personal property listed by the Assessor's parcel numbering system or the account numbering system.

In addition to the taxable value, the roll must also indicate the current status of ownership, the owner's mailing address, and the existence of any exemptions as of the January 1st lien date. To accomplish this, the Assessor must discover, classify, and appraise all locally assessable property according to constitutional, statutory, and administrative requirements.

In addition to preparing the annual local assessment roll pursuant to Sec. 601 of the Calif. Revenue & Taxation Code, the Assessor must also produce the Supplemental Assessment Roll as provided in Section 75 through 75.8 of the Revenue & Taxation Code.

Mission Statement

The dual mission of the Shasta County Assessor-Recorder’s Office is as follows:

  • To provide informative and responsive services to the public
  • To provide fair, uniform assessments and recordings with quality and efficiency

Goals and Objectives

The Assessor-Recorder has established the following goals and objectives to insure that this mission is carried out:

  • To be dedicated to leadership in the field of taxpayer services and taxpayer information
  • To be dedicated to leadership in the field of assessment and recording administration
  • To improve services and increase productivity
  • To develop and maintain an effective communication system
  • To maintain a professional and knowledgeable staff
  • To promote a cohesive, unified organization