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Measuring Devices

Vapor MetersThe Measuring Devices Program assures accuracy of commercial transactions based on quantities by spot inspections of establishments involved in bulk sales, by test purchases of commodities, and through investigations of complaints.

Some of the Measuring Devices we check:

  • Electric Sub-meters: sub-meters are installed in establishments which purchase electric service from a serving utility by a master meter and distribute the service to tenants through a sub-metered service system.
  • Fabric, Cordage, Wire: mechanisms and machines designed to indicate automatically the length of cordage, rope, fabric, etc. as it is threaded through the measuring elements.
  • Grease & Lube Meters: a device designed for the measurement and delivery of liquid lubricants (automotive). Devices such as Auto Lubes.
  • Liquified Gas Meters: a device used for the measurement of petroleum gas in the liquid state, whether such devices are installed in a permanent location or mounted on a vehicle. Devices such as propane tanks.
  • Retail Motor Fuel Meters: a device designed for the measurement and delivery of liquid fuels. Devices such as gas pumps.
  • Retail Water Meters:
  • Taximeters: a device that automatically calculates at a predetermined rate or rates and indicates the charge for hire of vehicle.
  • Vapor Sub-meters: devices used for the measurement of hydrocarbon gas in the vapor state.
  • Vehicle Meters: odometers that are used or are to be used to determine the charges for rent or hire of passenger vehicles and trucks and buses.
  • Water Sub-meters: devices used for the measurement of water to utility type meters.
  • Wholesale Meters:

All devices are checked yearly for accuracy. Upon passing, a county seal is placed on them to attest to their precision.

Measuring Devices Complaint Form Measuring Devices Complaint Form

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Measuring Devices FAQs

Is taximeter registration mandatory?

Answer: Yes. This inspection is required by County ordinance, which states that no person shall use or operate any weighing or measuring instrument for commercial purposes without having a current registration certificate for such instrument.

Who checks the accuracy of taximeters?

Answer: Taximeters are checked annually by the Shasta County Agricultural Commissioner/ Weights & Measures Department.

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