Service Agent

The Registered Service Agency program is responsible for registering service agencies and their employees who, for hire or payment of any kind, repair commercial weighing and measuring devices.

Service Agents have the authority to place a correct and type-approved device “in-service” for commercial use, pending reinspection by a Weights and Measures Official.


 A Service Agency must have a copy of the California Code of Regulations (Field Reference Manual) Title 4, Division 9 (commencing with section 4000) for each type of device for which the Service Agency is providing service.

A Service Agency/Agent must have available suitable and sufficient standards that are permanently and uniquely identified. A Service Agency’s standards must be certified at least every two years unless there is supporting data extending this period.

A device must be correct when placed into service; therefore, a Service Agent should completely test a device, not just fix the problem stated on the County Sealer’s “out of order” tag.

Each Service Agency/Agent must notify the County Sealer of repairing, adjusting or placing into service of any commercial weighing or measuring device. The notice must be in writing and transmitted within 24 hours.

If someone other than a licensed Service Agent repairs a device, that person cannot place the device into service and a weights and measures official must inspect the device before it can be used for commercial purposes. 

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California Law Affecting Registered Service Agencies/Agents

California Code of Regulations, Title 4, Division 9, Registered Service Agencies, 4085, Responsibility of a Service Agency 

Certified Standards Requirements


Question: Do I need a specific type of scale installed?

Answer: Only devices that have been approved for commercial use (type approved) by the National Type Evaluation Program may be used for a commercial transaction.

Question: How can I get a weights and measures seal on my device once it has been repaired?

Answer: A licensed service agent may place the device into service once it has been repaired and it meets all requirements. The service agent must send a Placed in Service Report to Shasta County Weights and Measures within 24 hours. When we receive this report, our inspectors inspect the device to verify that it is correct. At that time a seal is placed on the device. Feel free to call our department if seals are missing or tampered with.

Question: How do I find a registered service agent?

Answer: The Division of Measurement Standards website has a current listing on the Registered Service Agency page, see the link above.