The Shasta County Department of Weights and Measures investigates complaints about firewood quantity.

  • Firewood must be sold in quantities measured in cords, or fractions of a cord, unless the quantity is 1/8 cord or smaller; in which case it can be sold by the cubic foot.
  • The amount of wood sold to a customer must meet the advertised volume.  
  • Firewood deliveries must include a receipt that contains the date of sale, the volume of wood sold, the purchase price, and the dealer's name address.


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Firewood Complaint Form 

Notice To Firewood Dealers

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Department of Measurement Standards


Firewood Calculator Estimator

  • Take at least three measurements for each dimension to get an average.
  • Input averages in appropriate box for each stack.
  • Click the "Calculate" button to get an estimate of the total number of cords and dollar amount that was shorted.
  • To file a complaint or for more information call the Shasta County Department of Weights & Measures at (530)224-4949.
Number of Cords Ordered: Cost per Cord:
Average Width in Inches Average Height in Inches Average Length in Inches
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Stack 3
Stack 4

Number of Cords Delivered Amount Short Dollar Overcharge