Always Check Receipts

Just about everyone likes a sale. Consumers can expect to be charged the correct price at the check-out register. Merchants have a responsibility to assure that prices charged are what is advertised, posted, marked, displayed, or quoted. If you think you may have been overcharged on an item, first ask store personnel to assist you in determining the correct price. If the price you were charged is not the price advertised, marked, or quoted, then the store must correct the error. If a sale price is posted on a sign, the shelf, or on the item itself, the sale price must be honored whether the sale has expired or not. If more than one price for the same commodity is indicated, the lowest of those prices should be charged. However, pricing discrepancies do not include when an item was inadvertently moved by another customer to a wrong location, or if a price correction notice is clearly displayed.

If it is determined you are overcharged, the store must correct the error and refund you the amount you were overcharged. Ask the clerk if the store has a policy to offer you the item for free, or if you qualify for some other bonus.

The Shasta County Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures is always happy to help consumers sort through any pricing problems they might encounter. Please call our office at 224-4949 if you need our assistance. CDFA website is also available for further information.