Public Record Requests

Policy and Conditions Regarding Public Access to Data, Files, Documents and Records which are maintained by and are in the custody of the Shasta County Department of Agriculture

General Policy and Conditions

NurseryIt is the policy of this Department to comply fully with the requirements of the California Public Records Act (Government Code Sections 6250-6260) as to the availability of various data, files, documents and records that are maintained by, and in the custody of, the Shasta County Department of Agriculture. In general, we will comply with any request to review material that does not fall within the exempt status as set forth in Section 6254, 6254.7(d) and (e) and 6255 of the Government Code and in Section 1040 of the Evidence Code. Material that is determined by this Department to be applicable to such exempt status (e.g., certain medical records, personnel records, trade secret data, preliminary drafts for use by this Department, reports relating to an investigation still in progress, etc.) may not be released to the public. Such material may be available for review only after approval by the County Counsel, which approval shall be granted or denied within ten (10) days of receiving a written request for review. The Agricultural Commissioner will attempt to accommodate all non-exempt requests within 10 days of receipt, but reserves the right to require specific appointments and schedule reviews which would otherwise unduly interfere with the regular operations and functioning of this Department.

Specific Conditions of Records Search

1. Any individual or group wishing to receive public information data from the Shasta County Department of Agriculture may complete a written request stating specifically all information they wish to receive (i.e., name, address, crop, acres, year, etc.). If the information is requested on computer disk, please include in the request the format required (i.e., comma delimited, line delimited, etc.). If you would like to have the information e-mailed to you, please provide your e-mail address and the format in which you would like to receive the information. Please feel free to call the Agriculture Department (530-224-4949) to discuss your information request.

Application form to request to review Documents Maintained by the Shasta County Agriculture Department (in Adobe PDF format).