Seed Inspection

WheatThe Shasta County Department of Agriculture enforces California Seed Law, protecting vegetable and field crop growers, as well as urban landscapers. Inspections are regularly performed at feed stores, nurseries, sod farms and garden centers to assure seed purity, germination, and labeling compliance. Poor quality seeds can cost farmers and home gardeners alike considerable amounts of time, money, and resources through reduced yields, poor crop quality, and contamination by weeds or other unwanted species. By enforcing California Seed Law the Department is able to ensure that consumers receive the highest quality crop and landscaping seed, free from noxious weeds and ready to grow. Some of our duties include:

  • Inspection of all seed coming into California from out of state for quarantine compliance.
  • Seed certification, through which agricultural and vegetable seed of superior varieties are grown, processed, and distributed under close surveillance and supervision.
  • Investigate seed complaints and attempt to resolve buyer/seller disputes through mediation.
  • Periodic testing of seed for label compliance.
  • Inspection of specialty markets for prohibited imported seeds used as herbal medicines.
  • Assist in the registration of Seed Labelers.

We are able to provide seed testing and certification services. Please complete our Request For Services form and contact our office at (530)224-4949. Please refer to our Fees for Seed Service Samples.

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