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There are numerous considerations to be made about pesticide use in and around water sources. Here we have provided summaries and links to some issues that may pertain to you. This is not an exhaustive list and you should contact us or the appropriate agency if you have any questions.

Groundwater Protection Areas (GWPA's)

Shasta County Groundwater Protection Area Map (2007)

Seven pesticides listed in the California Code of Regulation 6800(a) as ground water contaminants (atrazine, simazine, bromacil, diuron, prometon, bentazon, and norflurazon) require use permits within Ground Water Protection Areas (GWPAs). A specific management practice will be required with any permits issued for application of those pesticides. Protection areas may be designated as "runoff GWPAs'' or "leaching GWPAs" and have different management requirements .

In addition, The use of 6800(a) pesticides are prohibited below the high water line in artificial recharge basins unless the pesticide is applied 6 months or more before the basin is used to recharge the ground water.

The use of 6800(a) pesticides are also prohibited below the high water line in canals and ditches unless:

  • The user can document that the percolation rate is equal to or less than 0.2 inches per hour.
  • The pesticide is applied 6 months before water is run in the canal.

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Wellhead Protection

Mixing, loading, storing, and other activities involving any pesticide would be prohibited within 100 feet of any water well, unless they are sited or protected to prevent runoff contamination.

Ag Waiver (Conditional Waivers of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands)

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