Organic ProgramEvery person engaged in this state in the production or handling of raw agricultural products sold as Organic, shall register with the secretary before the first sale of the product. The County Agriculture Commissioner is no longer involved with the the registration process.  All processors of organic agriculturally derived products that are not required to be registered as outlined in subdivision (b) (see below) shall register with the secretary. Each registrant shall annually renew the registration with the secretary unless no longer engaged in the activities requiring the registration.

Organic Producers - Agricultural Production is defined as the entity that engages in the business of growing or producing organic food, feed, or fiber.

Organic Handlers - A Handler is defined as any person or entity that packs, repacks, labels, sorts, or otherwise handles any organic product that is outside the jurisdiction of the California Department of Public Health.

Organic Processors - CDFA registers all dairy products and minimally processed meats sold in an unfrozen state, including cut, wrapped, and unseasoned only. Also, any processor not covered by the California Department of Public Health shall register with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Producers of raw organic products must be able to affirm that no prohibited materials have been applied to the growing grounds and plants for three years prior to registration, or used in the production of livestock prior to the last trimester of gestation.

Handlers and processors of organic products must conform to organic handling practices such as protecting organic products from contact with prohibited substances and preventing the commingling of organic with non-organic products.

Who must register with the California Department of Public Health? Section 46013.1. (b) California Food and Agriculture Code Every person engaged in this state in the processing or handling of processed products pursuant to Section 110460 of the Health and Safety Code, and pet food pursuant to Section 18653, and cosmetics pursuant to Section 111795 of the Health and Safety Code, including processors of alcoholic beverages, shall register with the California Department of Public Health. Note: Processing is defined as: Cooking, baking, curing, heating, drying, mixing, grinding, churning, separating, extracting, slaughtering, cutting, fermenting, distilling, eviscerating, preserving, dehydrating, freezing, chilling, or otherwise manufacturing and includes the packaging, canning, jarring, or otherwise enclosing food in a container. If your operation fits any of these descriptions you must register with California Department of Public Health.

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