Crop Report Info

Each year we are required to prepare a report of the condition, acreage, production, and value of the agricultural products in Shasta County. We need your assistance in gathering the statistics necessary to complete the report. Each year in the late Fall we mail the most appropriate forms (see categories below) to our growers based on their type(s) of production.

Any information you give on these questionnaires is kept completely confidential. Individual figures are collected and compiled to represent the entire county. Only the sum total will be included in the report. If it appears that two different questionnaires apply to your operation, please complete both of them.

This crop report is used for several purposes. Economic studies of the area nearly always include the Annual Crop & Livestock Report. It is also used to justify water and irrigation needs, transportation and marketing facilities, and to study labor requirements of an area. Your assistance does contribute, and your returns are sincerely appreciated. We would welcome any comments that you have concerning conditions such as weather, labor, and markets that affected your production and returns.

We would like to thank everyone who returned their forms last year. Your responses are greatly appreciated and helped us attain an accurate picture of production in Shasta County.   If you're not already receiving our questionnaire and would like to be added, please call our office at (530) 224-4949.

  • General Ag Production
    (Livestock other than cattle, Apiary Products, etc.)
  • Cattle Production (All Cattle & Pastureland)
  • Nursery Production
    (General Ornamentals, Christmas Trees, etc.)
  • Orchard Production
    (Grapes, Peaches, Walnuts, etc.)
  • Small Ag Production
    (Field Crops, Fruit & Nut Crops, Vegetable Crops, Miscellaneous Crops, etc.)