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The GIS applications and this GIS webpage are managed by the GIS Advisory Committee which consists of members from various County departments.

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County Maps

Parcel Viewer Image
Parcel Viewer

(Parcel and Address locator)
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Zoning Viewer

(Planning Map)
General County Map Image
Shasta County Map

(General County Map)
Board of Supervisors Map Image
Supervisor Districts

(Board of Supervisors Map)
Travel Info Image
One Stop Travel Map

(From Western States Rural Transportation Consortium)
General County Map–Flex Viewer Image
Shasta County Map

(General County Map–Flex Viewer)

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GIS Introduction

Our Mission is to serve the public, to share information, ideas, strategies, and solutions regarding the management and dissemination of GIS and related technologies in order to provide more efficient and effective service to the public and the employees of Shasta County.

Our Goals are as follows:
  • Promote awareness of the benefits of GIS in Shasta County.
  • Incorporate GIS into other information technology strategies.
  • Provide accurate, high-quality, and up-to-date maps and data.
  • Support and oversee the acquisition, standardization, and management of GIS data.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Eliminate the duplication of efforts.
  • Educate employees and the public in the use of GIS applications, datasets, terminology and available resources.
If you are having issues or need more information please contact the Shasta County GIS team at:
  • (530) 225-5257
  • 1450 Count St., Ste. #124  Redding CA 96001
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For planning and zoning questions contact the Shasta County Resource Management Department.

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