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1855 Placer Street
Redding, CA 96001
Phone: (530) 225-5789
within Shasta County:
   (800) 528-2850
Fax: (530) 225-5807

Office Hours
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday through Friday

Community Education Section (CES)


Mt. Shasta Mall, Sears Parking Lot, Redding
Saturday, September 26th, 2015, 10am - 2pm
Call 245-6858 or click here for more information.


Sheriff Substation
20509 Shasta St., Burney
Saturday, October 10, 2015, 9am - 1pm
Call 225-5789 or click here for more information

Tires can be properly disposed of for a fee at the following locations:

Anderson Landfill, 347-5236
City of Redding Transfer Station, 224-6201
West Central Landfill, 396-2555
For more information Call 225-5789

  • Use reusable shopping bags.  This will reduce the number of plastic bags that get trashed and minimize the amount of petroleum used to make them.  If you receive plastic bags, remember to recycle the clean ones at your local grocery store.
  • Send your holiday greeting in electronic form.  E-cards can be enhanced with sound and animation and they create no physical waste.
  • If you use traditional gift wrapping, avoid wrapping gifts in materials that are not recyclable or reusable, such as foil or metallic papers.  Always buy recycled-content wrapping paper.  If you store doesn't sell recycled-content wrapping paper, ask the manager to order it in the future.
  • If you send holiday cards, buy recycled-content cards and envelopes. Or make your own cards or gift tags out of last year's cards and the wrapping paper you saved.
  • Remove your name from the mailing list of any catalog you no longer wish to receive. Eliminate unwanted credit offer by calling 1-888-5OptOut (1-888-567-8688) or visiting
  • Shipping a gift? Reuse the foam peanuts from another package, or use unbuttered popcorn for packing. Return unwanted Styrofoam packing PEANUTS to local UPS Stores. Please call before delivering.
  • Rechargeable batteries and a battery charger are a great way to cut down on the consumption of batteries.
  • Recycle your tree and wreath.

Waste Management Customers

Winter_2015 Trash Talk

Curbside service will be one day late for residents with a service day on or after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.  Anderson & West Central landfills, the City of Redding's transfer station, and Waste Management operated transfer stations will be closed on the holidays mentioned above.

Regular Service Day
Thursday, Nov. 27
Friday, Nov. 28
Thursday, Dec. 25
Friday, Dec. 26
Thursday, Jan. 1
Friday, Jan. 2

Holiday Service Day
Thursday, Nov. 28
Friday, Nov. 29
Thursday, Dec. 26
Friday, Dec. 27
Thursday, Jan. 2
Friday, Jan. 3

Burney Disposal Customers

City of Redding Customers


Cities of Anderson and Shasta Lake

Curbside Customers in the Cities of Anderson and Shasta lake may cut their trees into sections that will fit into the green waste cart.  Full-sized trees are not accepted curbside, and will not be picked up.

Unincorporated Shasta County

Curbside customers in the unincorportated county areas may cut their trees into sections, no longer than 3 feet in length, and place the cut sections next to the trash cart on trash collection day.  Tree sections will be picked up for 2 weeks after Christmas Day.  full-sized trees are not accepted and will not be picked up.

Before recycling your tree, please remove all tinsel and decorations.  Flocked trees cannot be recycled, and are only accepted as trash.  Residents may dispose of flocked trees in their curbside trash container by cutting the tree into sections, no longer than 3 feet in length, and placing the sections into the trash cart.  Trees may also be taken to a landfill or transfer station for disposal.

Any County resident may recycle trees at the following locations:

  • Wheelabrator Shasta Energy Company in Anderson: 339-7600 (Call to verify if facility is accepting greenwaste.)
  • City of Redding Transfer Station: 224-6201.  Trees are accepted any time during the year for recycling.  Non-city residents are charged a fee, depending on size, but trees need to be free of flocking, tinsel, and stands.  Flocked trees are only accepted as trash for a fee.

Many people enjoy a deep fired turkey for the holidays, but used cooking oil cannot be disposed of in the garbage and should never be poured down the drain. This year, the City of Redding's Household Hazardous Waste Facility will be accepting used cooking oil during the holiday season. Once the oil has cooled, put it back in the jugs it came in, and bring them to the Facility at 2255 Abernathy Lane in Redding. Residents may bring their cooking oil in from 9am to 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday, until mid-January 2015. Call the City of Redding at 224-6201 with any questions.


ALKALINE or single-use batteries (AA, AAA, C, etc.) can be recycled at Energy Master in Redding.
RECHARGEABLE batteries can be recycled at many stores. Check with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation to search for rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling sites by zipcode.

Richard W. Simon, AICP, Director

1855 Placer Street, Suite 200
Redding, California 96001
Phone: (530) 225-5789
Fax: (530) 225-5413

The Department consolidated its existing community outreach programs into the Community Education Section (CES) in February 1994. This innovative Section provides a multitude of educational activities both in the schools and as part of community events. Programs are designed to impart lifestyle changes and prevent the imposition of regulatory control. CES focuses on the following four programs:

  • Solid Waste Reduction (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Buy Recycled)
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal and Safer Alternatives
  • Air Quality Awareness -- Exhaust Emission Reduction
  • Used Motor Oil Recycling

CES also provides support for the four Department divisions: Air Quality Management District, Building, Environmental Health, and Planning.


Emergency Guidance on Wildfires #1: Handling Ash, Debris, and other Hazardous Materials

Emergency Guidance on Wildfires #2: Management Options for Expedited Collection of Hazardous Wastes from Burned Areas

Holiday Schedule & Recycling

It's the holiday season.  The time when we create more throw-away material than at any other time of the year, but just because we create it all doesn't mean we have to throw it all away.  With your local curbside or drop off program and other recycling resources, you can make the holiday season the season of recycling.  You can recycle gift boxes, Christmas trees, wrapping paper, cards, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, plastic, glas and aluminum beverage containers, and more!

How to Have a Greener Holiday Season

Curbside Holiday Schedule

Recyclable Items to Place in Your Curbside Cart

Christmas Tree Recycling

Free Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Bottle & Can Recycling Locations

Junk Mail Opt-Out Program

Click on the link above if you are fed up with all the junk mail you receive at home! Pre-addressed forms and a list of phone numbers to opt-out of junk mail are included.

Free Waste Tire Disposal

The next free tire disposal day has been set. Click on the link above for more details

Free Household Hazardous Waste

Shasta County residents can utilize the City of Redding's Household Hazardous Waste Facility at no charge. Bring your unwanted products such as: latex and oil-based paint, motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze, solvents, cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, batteries, pool chemicals, Sharps (needles, lancets, syringes), fluorescent light tubes and bulbs, and other products with warning labels such as Caution, Danger, Toxic, Flammable, Keep Out of Reach of Children; computers, TV's, phones, radios, etc.

Call 224-6201 or visit: City of Redding Household Hazardous Waste Facility

Check this page for future HHW collection events in unincorporated areas.

Battery Recycling

Safe Sharps Disposal Options

Medication Disposal Information 

Free State-wide Paint Recycling Program

Find a free paint drop-off site near your by vising or calling 855-PAINT09

Free Drug Take-Back Event

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